Below is a map of Amherst and the mainland, with the 401 running across the top.  The marker is Millhaven, where the ferry lands.  All these maps are clickable.

Below is a current nautical chart where Poplar Dell is located on the Island. Preston Cove is well protected from the summer prevailing winds and is often used as an anchorage by local boaters during the weekends. The circle with the “1” in it is the ferry dock.


Below is a road map of Amherst Island. The “grid” numbers are are measured in meters, and also serve as home mailing addresses. This gives you an idea of how far the distances are (for the metric-impared, 1600 meters equals about 1 mile). Complements of David Hieatt, the local realtor who would love to show you some properties. Poplar Dell is located just to the left of the “3000” marker on Front Road. Instead of Preston Cove, the map shows Griffin Point. Depends if you are an inny or an outty.